God's love and anointing flows from heaven through Open Hands


Open Hands will have it's Fall Revival on October 15th, 22nd and 23rd beginning at 7pm each night. Powerhouse and Pastor Steaven Hamlin will serve on the 15th; Pastor Robert Wilkins and RAW Ministries on the 22nd and Lakeview Baptist Church and Rev. House in the absence of Dr. John Jones will close us out on October 23. Come one and come all for three nights of FIRE !!

On Sunday August 18, Open Hands will have their Church Picnic. The place is New Hope Baptist Church, 4260 Pughsville Road in Suffolk Va. The time is 2pm till 6pm.

On August 31, Open Hands will take our youth to Chuckie Cheese at 4pm and conclude our back to school month with movie night. Our movie will be " In The Hive" starring Loretta Devine and in one of his best roles, the late Michael Clarke Duncan. The movie is about a school that goes the extra mile to give students with hard circumstances a chance to succeed when others have given up on them. Movie Night begins at 7pm sharp. Refreshments will be served.

The Women of Open Hands will have a Rainbow Tea on August 24 at 4pm. The church is located at 909 West Washington Street in Suffolk Va. This is a prelude to their Women's Day which is September 8, 2013 during the Morning Service.  

On Saturday May 25th at 12 noon Rev. Cynthia Green will be the guest facilitator for the Women's Outreach at Open Hands. All are welcome.

Sunday May [email protected] 3pm Power House Outreach will be celebrating at Open Hands. Come one come all.

Sunday June 2nd @ 3pm United Christian Community Church of God of Franklin Va. will be our guest for our first Men's Day. Pastor Melvin Murphy will be the guest speaker. Come out and worship with us.

Open Hands Christian Fellowship invites you to come and say thank you to the employees of the United States Postal Service of Tidewater. They will be uniting for the 2nd Celebration of

"Occupy Heaven". The place is New Hope Baptist Church at 4260 Pughsville Road in Suffolk Va. The time is 3pm and the date is Sunday May 5, 2013. This years theme is " All My Help Comes From The Lord". The community is asked to come out so we can say thank you for supporting our business and to seek your help in calling on Congress to pass legislation that helps the Postal Service. Postal employees will be singing, dancing and doing all parts of the service with the help of some local singers from the area. Employees and officials will be coming from the 7 cities of Tidewater. Don't miss this chance to say thanks and to offer help for our future. For more info call 757-539-5688/757-692-9740 or visit our website: [email protected]


Open Hands will have its 2nd Annual Back To School / Open House on Saturday September 9 at 1pm until 6pm ( time subject to change based upon community response ). There will be free school supplies and our clothes closet will be stocked with new and slightly used clothes to give away to the public. There will be Hamburgers and Hot Dogs and other refreshments to give to all who come. Tell your friends to meet us at 909 West Washington Street in Suffolk Va. for a good time in the Lord: Fun, Food, Fellowship and Free Stuff.   


Open Hands will begin the week of celebrating our women with a Pre- Women's Day Revival. On Wednesday September 5 at 7pm, Pastor Sharon Bell will be the revivalist and Thursday September 6 @ 7pm mkinister Elaine Beamon will be the guest revivalist. Women's Day culminates Sunday September 9 @ 9am with Rev. Barbara Willie bringing the Women's Day message at Open Hands, 909 West Washington Street in Suffolk Va. Come one and come all. Tell your friends and neighbors. 


Sunday April 29, 2012 at 3pm Open Hands Christian Fellowship will unite with the Hampton Roads Community to salute our United States Postal Service Employees. In return employees from the Postal Service will be leading the celebration saluting our communities and employees.

The Postal Service is facing operational changes that will affect all employees and communities. We also recognize we are not alone when it comes to the unexpected changes families face when companies downsize. Therefore our celebration will also reach out to the many facing similar obstacles. Our belief is the " Occupy Wall Street" movement has good intentions but if the people who believe the answers to our problems come from heaven will come together and " Occupy Heaven " we will get a reply from heaven. Therefore every church, civic organization and every political representative from the local to the national level is invited to join us. We have tried everything else; now we will try God. If you can't be with us please unite with us in corporate prayer.

The location is the historic Oak Grove Baptist Church, 2635 East Washington Street Suffolk Va. 23434, next to the new Oak Grove Baptist Church. Churches and postal employees across the nation will be encouraged to unite with our communities seeking a movement by God to change the circumstances of our nation. This can happen when we " Occupy Heaven ".

For more information contact:

Open Hands Christian Fellowship

P.O. Box 942 Norfolk Va. 23501 ( mailing address )

909 West Washington Street

Suffolk Va. 23434 ( church address )


or [email protected]

[email protected]           

For more details visit our website

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you there.

Pastor Charles Leavell 


Romans 8:28


Welcome to the Unity Concert featuring The New Horizons Music Ministry. We trust the concert will leave an everlasting impact on you and will bring joy to your lives from this day forward. Open Hands would like to share with you the purpose of this concert and the future ministry outreach planned for next year to continue with this ministry theme.

My name is Charles D. Leavell, Pastor and Founder of Open Hands. Our church is 6 months old and we have a passion for reaching the lost and healing the broken by the power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Tidewater community has been victimized by the spirit of violence and too many of our families have suffered and are yet suffering by the untimely loss of a son or a daughter. Our misson is to do all we can to stem the tide and stop the violence. We have an initiative to enagage with the community and implement the first phase of our Unity In The Community Ministry: REACH

R__ Reuniting

E__ Every member of our community through Education

A__ Adult ( especially our Senior Adults )

C__ Child ; all our children, the children of God

H__ Home ; back to their roots; home where you were raised; restoring the pride we once proudly displayed when talking about our: home state, home town, home community where we were " home grown " with our "home boys" and " home girls".

Tyler Perry has made movies revealing the power of families uniting together to strenghten the individual family but also unifying the community. One movie had as it's centerpiece all the family gathering at the reunion to hear " Grandma " speak words of wisdom and unity. In the movies, the end result is we become our brothers keeper. This can and should be true in real life. Our outreach will begin with: 

1. Connecting with each home in our church community to build relationships. Our being our brothers keeper has the effect of becoming an "ADT" or "Brinks" home security service for when we become our brothers keeper we protect our brother and their belongings.

2. Have a church open daily with planned activities to assist the few centers in our areas with providing alternative places for our youth to fellowship with each other.

3. Have a spring Picnic In The Park to ( 4.) Organize our youth for group activities to include sports, academics, talent developement, job fairs, interview classes, college counseling and exam preparations.

5. Connect with the Business Community to provide seminars for our youth to help equip them for the employment/ business owning future of their lives. The future success of destroying violence in our communities requires every component in the community to be an active participant in the solution. The "Black Community" is a part of the " Community" and the strength of the Black Community will be enhanced by the support of the Community. Law Enforcement, City Officials, Businesses, School Officals, Athletes, Civic Organizations, Labor, Congressional Representatives and Churches as well as entities not mentioned, have the tools to restore our communities in such a way to reduce the violence and give alternative ways for our communities to become a place where violence disappears. More will be shared in the future and we ask for your prayers for our families and our communities.

We thank Sam's Club, B J's, Food Lion, APWU Local #262, Moore's Accounting, Gesusball and Lamont Strothers, The Suffolk Police Dept. The Mayor's Office and Ms. Branham and my fellow Pastors and Ministers for supporting us today as well as New Horizons and the audience at large. Please sign the banner to show your support for Unity In The Community and we will be planning other events. You may reach us at or [email protected] We are depending on your support. Thank you and may God bless and keep you always.

Pastor Charles Leavell and the Open Hands Famliy

Open Hands Christian Fellowship Mission and Vision Statement

Open Hands Christian Fellowship is a Non-Denominational church where the worship experience is unique as the Spirit leads us to communion with God. The music is anointed and uplifitng and the message from Pastor Leavell is always tuned in to the issues of today with God revealing the Word by the Holy Spirit.

​We currently worship at 909 West Washington Street Suffolk Va. 23434 while preparing for a place God will give us for a home. Our mission is to make disciples and imitators of Christ.Our journey will direct us to go forth as Jesus did making believers of every man, woman, boy, and girl that will enable them to have a more abundant life. The vision from God is to go forth and change the world by engaging in every area of society where God lead us to be ambassadors for Christ. The vision compels us to go into the highways and hedges to reach lives lost, broken, misguided and hopeless and show them the only way is Jesus. 

To contact Pastor Leavell e-mail [email protected] or call 757-692-9740.

Come and visit us and experience the love, peace, joy, deliverance, power, worship, fellowship and anointing of heaven flowing through Open Hands.You may find us on Facebook by logging on.

Pastor Charles Leavell


The classic statement spoken to us on many occasions is " I'm putting this in your hands". It may be dad's car while he's out of town. Maybe it is the younger kids left with the older sister. What about the game winning shot attempt and the coach tells you " I'm putting this in your hands." The idea is I can trust you to take care of and even enhance what is put in your hands. Many a young man had to gain the trust of some parents before driving their daughter out on a date. Sometimes we fail to do well with what's left in our hands despite our best efforts.

Exodus Chapter 4 finds us hearing Moses plead with God not to put the nation of Israel in his hands. The previous chapter begins the dialogue when God speaks from a burning bush. God wants Moses to accept what He is willing to put in his hands but Moses tries to deny the task. Has God ever tried to put something in your hand and you didn't feel ready to accept it? Did He ask you to sing, usher or teach in His kingdom but you asked Him to find someone else? Why is it the only thing we are ready and willing for God to put in our hands is a lump of cash? If God trusts you to take care of the lump of cash He puts in your hand, He is totally confident in anything He wants to put in your hands. The question is how do I overcome my insecurities of what God wants to put in my hands. The answer is found in Exodus Ch.4 vs.2. God asks Moses what is in your hand? God knew what was in his hand and He knows what is in your hands because all we have God provided. He is the maker of the earth and everything within: He even made you and me. Because of the eternal knowledge of God, He knows what will happen before it happens. Therefore He asks what's in your hand to get you to look deeper. Whatever you have in your hand is far more than you first see. The only way you can see the "greater works" God promised to do through you is for you to give it back to Him. God told Moses to lay down before Him whatever was in his hand. It did not seem like much but God changed it. Then He changed it back to it's original form; proving there is no limit to what I can do. Moses watched God change his staff but more importantly, it gave Moses a testimony and increased his faith to believe the greater mission given to him would not be impossible as long as it was put in God's hand.

We must follow the model of Moses and never doubt God's belief in us. God knows what we can do because He made us in His own image. We have power given to us from His own hands. His Word declares greater things we would do, so why doubt when He gives us a task that seems to be more than we can do. "It's all in His hands" we are just an instrument of deliverance.

Like Moses, we sometimes feel inadequate. When this happens do what Moses did; lay it before God and let Him change it. When he changes it you will know without a doubt " I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

If you are looking for a church to worship at, visit us at 909 W Washington Street in the city of Suffolk, 23434.

Pastor Leavell and The Open Hands Family will welcome you with " Open Hands".